This submodule provides convenience functions for performing basic mathematical operations, akin to the standard Python module `math’.

pyviennacl.vclmath is also accessible under pyviennacl.math, for simplicity

Convenient equivalences

abs pycore.ElementAbs
acos pycore.ElementAcos
asin pycore.ElementAsin
atan pycore.ElementAtan
ceil pycore.ElementCeil
cos pycore.ElementCos
cosh pycore.ElementCosh
exp pycore.ElementExp
fabs pycore.ElementFabs
floor pycore.ElementFloor
log pycore.ElementLog
log10 pycore.ElementLog10
sin pycore.ElementSin
sinh pycore.ElementSinh
sqrt pycore.ElementSqrt
tan pycore.ElementTan
tanh pycore.ElementTanh

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